Storm Glass

Book 1 of 5 in The Harbinger Series

Published: 19 June 2018


Available in: Audiobook, Kindle, MP3 CD, Paperback, Signed Paperback

Two young girls must overcome their origins to change their fates. The fate of the world is in their hands, and in the magic of the Mysteries. Neither is trained. Neither belongs. But both will be needed for the coming storm.

Theirs is a world of opposites. The privileged live in sky manors held aloft by a secretive magic known only as the Mysteries. Below, the earthbound poor are forced into factory work to maintain the engine of commerce. Only the wealthy can afford to learn the Mysteries, and they use their knowledge to further lock their hold on society.

Cettie Pratt is a waif doomed to the world below, until an admiral attempts to adopt her. But in her new home in the clouds, not everyone treats her as one of the family.

Sera Fitzempress is a princess born into power. She yearns to meet the orphan girl she has heard so much about, but her father deems the girl unworthy of his daughter’s curiosity.

Neither girl feels that she belongs. Each seeks to break free of imposed rules. Now, as Cettie dreams of living above and as Sera is drawn to the world below, they will follow the paths of their own choosing.

But both girls will be needed for the coming storm that threatens to overturn both their worlds.


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Storm Glass - The Harbinger Series - Jeff Wheeler

Storm Glass

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