In The Twilight Kingdom

Book 4 of 4 in Legends of Muirwood

Published: 4 April 2023


Available in: Audiobook, Kindle

A family’s tragic fall from power. A young woman’s shattered hope. But is all truly lost?

Elle Demont is the youngest of Earl Sevrin Demont’s children, his only daughter. An alliance with the kingdom of Pry-Ree will secure borders and stabilize both kingdoms. Elle agrees to the match but when her cousin, the ruthless prince of Comoros, decides to overturn her family’s fate, her future is anything but certain.

Enter a world of Leerings, majestic abbeys, and brimming with the awesome power of the Medium once more in a singular stand-alone tale set during the era of The Legends of Muirwood series. One woman’s triumph over darkness and despair will wrench the world and provide hope for the future.


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In the Twilight Kingdom: A Legends of Muirwood Tale - Jeff Wheeler

In The Twilight Kingdom

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