It has been a scary month in terms of the economic shriveling up. If the news hasn’t depressed you yet, then better check out Seqouia Capital’s gloomy forecast: My division at Intel announced downsizing last week, but the results will not be revealed until early in 2009. We do

The November election is over, the Prop 8 campaign is finished (and won!), I’m now a bishop, and I even got a letter from Terry Brooks right before Halloween. It has been a busy month full of unexpected surprises. But with the campaign finished, I’m almost ready to get back

I’ve been on a Terry Brooks blitz since the last posting. After reading ELFSTONES, I read DRUID and am re-reading FIRST KING. So is Gina. She has been going through the HERITAGE series as well. It has been a lot of fun, and it is giving me the writing itch

It has been a busy month working on Prop 8, visiting HP’s site at Boise (which was fun because I got to see family as well as Jeremy and Brendon). My daughter’s cast comes off tomorrow. It was the kind of cast you aren’t supposed to walk on, but this

I haven’t posted in a while for a reason. First, swimming lessons, acting camp finished along with the performances, and just this week my 3 year-old daughter broke her leg. I am putting in some serious time commitment for the Yes on Prop 8 campaign in California as a volunteer. That is

Last week I was up at the Boy Scout camp Wente in Northern California with the boys from our local troop. I mention it because it was two years ago, at that same camp, that I was brainstorming Muirwood for the first time. It’s in my blog. Back then, I was

As my last post showed, there was a setback. Over that weekend, I sent out another round of queries after finding a great website: It’s a great website that has even more listings of agents that you can filter by expertise (fantasy, YA, etc) and it shows whether they

I was glad it was a 3-day weekend, because I needed the time. I did hear back from the agent on Friday who had a partial of WRETCHED and turned it down. My wife was in the car when I opened and read the letter and I could see the worried look on her

Sometimes an e-mail will arrive out of the blue that makes your day. My nephew Nathan sent me one recently. Timing was great. Uncle Jeff, I just finished reading Landmoor and it is my new favorite book.  I like it even better than Eragon.  It was so AWESOME- except for

I read a great tribute in Wired magazine on-line today to the late Gary Gygax, one of the inventors of Dungeons & Dragons. It was neat reading about the man who invented the tools of my budding creativity. I started out playing with my brothers, and have to admit that