We had a fierce storm in California last weekend. Just about everyone we know had fences blown down. Last Saturday, my son and I were pulling nails out of fallen planks.

I have not heard back from the agent who was interested yet, and I’ve gotten two more rejections from two other agents in the meantime. One was personalized and the other not. So much time is spent waiting. But while I’ve been waiting, I haven’t been sitting still. I just started writing an outline for the sequel of Wretched which I have tentatively titled The Blight of Muirwood. Putting ideas on the page, fleshing out some of my initial thoughts gets the creative juices flowing.

I’ve also been watching some BBC adaptations of the novels of Elizabeth Gaskill, a contemporary of the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. I really like the character development. Good writing.

That’s all the report for now. Let’s see what good news January brings.

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