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I had a great time at New York Comic Con last weekend. There was a huge banner for the upcoming Shannara Chronicles show as well as over 160,000 visitors. Being an introvert, it was a bit overwhelming, but I had a great time signing books, my new graphic novel, and speaking on a panel with many illustrious authors.

One of the questions asked during the panel was about trends in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature and whether we (as authors) follow trends or try to invent new ones. If you look at the top bestsellers of Fantasy right now, there is a lot of paranormal (I’ve heard that the big money is in writing about billionaire shapeshifters) and a lot of grimdark (fantasy worlds that are violent, amoral, and depressing). Most of us agreed that we don’t try to follow the trends. We write what we’re passionate about.

During the convention, I had the opportunity to talk to lots of people, including an editor I know at one of the top publishing houses as well as my own amazing publishing team. What struck me from multiple conversations is the sense that there are so many new books flooding the genre that it’s getting progressively more difficult to win readers. The publishing industry isn’t stagnating, it’s a vibrant and highly competitive market place. What everyone is trying to figure out though is what makes you (as a reader) tick. I’m not sure you even realize the power you have when you post a review to Amazon or Goodreads, mention a book in a blog or on your Facebook or Twitter feed. The power of word of mouth, from friend to friend, person to person, is so much more influential than stranger to stranger or any other selling method. Every publisher is trying to know what makes readers share the books they love with each other.

I just wanted to thank you, my loyal readers, not only for reading this blog but for reading my books and all the times you’ve mentioned them to someone else. When you do that it’s mostly invisible, but oh so powerful. It’s what drives this interesting market.

In two weeks is the launch of the final book in the Covenant of Muirwood trilogy: The Void of Muirwood. I hope you’ve appreciated 47North publishing these books in such short order. It looks promising that my next series will be done like that too. More on that later!

Now, while it’s fresh in your mind, go tell someone else about a book you’ve liked! I recently enjoyed Charlie Holmberg’s Followed by Frost. I review the books I read on Goodreads to help pass along ones that have Virtus themes.

And leave a comment on how you first discovered one of my books.


(ran into a long-time friend from my Intel days at JFK airport on my way out of New York this weekend!)

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  • Lauren says:

    I first discovered your book The Wretched of Muirwood on my Kindle when it was suggested to me based on the other books I purchased. It was on sale at a very low price, so I bought it and I am so glad I did! Unfortunately, since I had them all on my Kindle, I didn’t have a copy to get signed this past weekend at comic con, and I missed the brief time that they were available at the booth. Super disappointing! I was excited to meet Jeff, though–he was so nice and they were signing copies of the prequel comic, so that was exciting! Thanks!

  • JoDawn says:

    I first discovered the Muirwood series as a book suggested to me on Amazon. I am a voracious kindle reader!
    And I am so impressed with your books, Mr. Wheeler! I’m only halfway through the second book, which is also exciting, because I have so many more ahead of me. Wonderful plot, live the world building…but what impresses me even more is how full of wisdom your books are. I almost feel I’m reading a devotional at times. Thank you so much for both the entertainment and insight in your books.

  • Lynsie says:

    Hey Jeff!

    Avid reader and fan of yours. Just purchased The Void of Muirwood and was wondering if there will be an audible released like the previous two?

    Thanks, and you’re awesome!

  • Robert Snow says:

    I was looking for new books on Amazon, and the artwork of Wretched of Muirwood caught my eye. I have since read all your works, just finishing the Void. I am hoping that you may sometime go back to your Landmoor series, as there seemed to be more of the story line. Kudos to the worlds you opened up. Look forward to reading more of your works.

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