Another year gone by

Last week I was up at the Boy Scout camp Wente in Northern California with the boys from our local troop. I mention it because it was two years ago, at that same camp, that I was brainstorming Muirwood for the first time. It’s in my blog. Back then, I was shutting down Deep Magic and looking at writing something new. Two years later, the book is done and the pitch has been rejected by 21 agents, with 8 queries still pending, and a few more agents on the list to submit to. I’ve been reading it again this last month, making a few tweaks here and there. I’ve done podcasts of the first few chapters and started working on graphics to help bring some of the visual images from my inspiration to the story. I’ve even written several chapters for the sequel.

I have learned a great deal through this experience. I had hoped that by now I would have found an agent already. But everything I have read about the process means I just haven’t found the right one yet.


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