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I know that many readers of my books are binge-readers. You know, the ‘just one more chapter and I’ll put it down’. But then you have to start the next book because the sun hasn’t actually come up yet. I love you all! For almost a year now, I’ve been part of a start-up that I hope will more than satisfy your appetite for books. It’s a new website called BingeBooks and it has launched. As one of over a hundred founding authors, I’m excited to tell you a little bit about it.

With Bingebooks, you’ll be able to try out bestselling authors from every genre and subgenre imaginable. Most will come with samples, which include the audiobook samples if you prefer listening to reading. New releases will be highlighted, discounts, and different genres to browse and explore.

It’s also a social media site, dedicated to readers so you’ll have the chance to interact with me as well as other fans. I hope you’ll take a look at BingeBooks and ‘follow’ me through my author page here. I also hope you’ll sign up for their newsletters, which you will customize to feature the genres that you care about and be notified when there are special deals. If you already subscribe to Kindle Unlimited–good news! Most of the founding authors are part of that program, so you can test out their titles as part of it.

Whenever one of my books goes on sale, you can find out about it through BingeBooks with links to purchase through Amazon. I’ve met so many talented authors through this experience and made some new friends. I hope you’ll do the same as you give it a try.

Jeff Wheeler

Jeff Wheeler

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty epic fantasy novels.

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  • Dianne Gaynor says:

    Sounds like an awesome idea.

  • Kathy Pearce says:

    This sounds great. I also wanted to thank you and others like you that make the audio available with the kindle unlimited books. It is the only way I get through most books as I am able to listen while I clean the barn or run the tractor!

  • Lisa says:

    I was going through my library in audible trying to find a re-read when I suddenly thought of your books! Oh, how I love them. I decided to go to your google for your website to see if you have any new books out. I found out, not only you do which I am so excited about, but about this site! I will check it now, before I go get your latest release that I missed for some reason, (as well as, re-set my notifications so I don’t miss anymore!

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