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Some writers listen to music while writing books. I can’t really do that because it’s too distracting for me, and when I get into my “flow” writing a chapter, I can’t really hear anything outside my head anyways. But I do have an iPod and I have a favorites playlist like anyone else and listen to it when jogging or mopping the kitchen floor. So in case you ever wondered what was on my playlist, these are ten of my top favorites and why, in alphabetical order.

  1. Can’t Fight this Feeling (REO Speedwagon) – reminds me of junior high school. It’s also a song I played to a girl I fell in love with and married.
  2. Hallelujah (Canadian Tenors) – I love the harmony of these great singers and the sadness of the song. This is my favorite version, but others are good too. Reminds me of the story of King David and how the mighty can fall. A cautionary tale.
  3. I See Your Smile (Gloria Estefan) – this was the theme song of my Landmoor books as I was writing them. My favorite line: “tell me if I’ve ever made you feel ashamed”
  4. Lead Me (Sanctus Real) – learned about this song on Father’s day on Facebook years ago and it’s become one of my favorites. It’s a great Virtus song and it reminds me of the importance of my most critical job – being a good husband and father.
  5. Magic (The Cars) – a great one from high school. Love the harmony. It’s also about magic. What’s not to like!
  6. Only Hope (Mandy Moore) – from the movie A Walk to Remember … a great Virtus movie. Love how the bad boy turns into a good guy because of a girl with faith.
  7. The Promise (When in Rome) – another favorite from high school and the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
  8. Someone to Fall Back On (Aly Michalka) – this is from the movie Bandslam, which I thought was cute. I love movies about geeks and nerds. Favorite line: “I will go crashing through fences…in your name…”
  9. Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles) – I’ve always loved this song since the first time I heard it in high school.
  10. You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban) – this is my all-time favorite song. Hearing Josh in concert at the Arco arena was amazing. I love it because it makes me think of my beautiful wife. Wish I could sing like Josh and perform it for her.

For the record, my favorite band in high school was Def Leppard—but they aren’t on iTunes yet, so don’t have any of their songs on my iPod. True story—when I was a teenager, I was often asked to play prelude music on the piano in church before our final classes. One Sunday, I played “Love Bites” very slowly and softly. My fellow teens stared at me in shock and horror but I was amazed at how many compliments I got from the adults who had no idea what I was playing. Not sure my parents ever found out, but they sure didn’t enjoy me pounding out “Armageddon It” on the piano at home! My tastes in music have softened a bit since then.

Happy July 4th!

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  • Lena says:

    Love the books. ALL OF THEM. I like most of your musical tastes. I’m a rock and roller from the 60’s. from joplin to hendrix and stones in the middle.(yes, I’m kind of over the hill).I’m sure your writing schedule is hectic and much appreciate your literary contribuitions. however, I do have a question.. I’m a big tolkein’ite’ and a Brooks fan. I Terry many many years ago. late 70’s maybe? Your writing is in the same ‘vein’ of those two writers and I applaud you for your ability to tell a good yarn and keep the reader on the edge of their seat. my question is; Where is book 3 of the Landmoor books? At the end of Silverkin you said the next book would visit Thealos 10 years down the road, I didn’t know you meant in human years! 🙂 Also, being a pretty avid traveler, it’s fun to recognize a place you’ve visited from the description of places in your writing.. I have climbed the Tor and been to Wearyall Hill.. Stayed at the George and Pilgrim on High street in Glastonbury. Visited Iona Abbey and many many other landmarks of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.. when you recognize the similarity between a place you’ve been and a ‘scene’ in the stories, it makes the story seem more ‘personal’. I like that! 🙂 Thank you for the work you put in to your writing.. You were a ‘new’ writer for me and it pains me to reach the end of a good story and there is ‘no more’.. uh.. hate that! I have blown through Landmoor, Silverkin, Muirwood 1 and almost finished with 2.. trying to hold myself back because I’m one of those readers who just won’t put it down til it’s finished if it’s GOOD.. And they have all been GOOD.. actually Great! yes I’ve already purchase the last Muirwood and fireblood is waiting in the wings.. I lived in Alameda California for 17 years.. Would Muirwood be related to the lovely Muir wood national park in Mill Valley?

  • Lena says:

    forgive my typo’s.. I’m notorious for that. 🙁

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