A surprise letter

It has been a scary month in terms of the economic shriveling up. If the news hasn’t depressed you yet, then better check out Seqouia Capital’s gloomy forecast: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/10/sequoia-capitals-56-slide-powerpoint-presentation-of-doom/

My division at Intel announced downsizing last week, but the results will not be revealed until early in 2009. We do not know the size or magnitude, but everyone is fearing the worst. I am not personally worried about my job. But it will be hard to see friends and colleagues impacted when the announcement comes.

Though things are always darkest before the dawn, as they say, I did get a surprising letter from the first agency I had heard from a year ago. It appears that the agent who read and rejected my manuscript left the firm shortly after he rejected it. His replacement did not have a record of the rejection, and so wrote to ask if I had received an answer and asked me not to take advantage of their error. He offered to consider a new query since his tastes were different than his predecessor, so I obliged and sent one, to which he responded favorably and asked to see a partial manuscript. I’ve made a few tweaks to Chapter One, based on Terry Brooks’ comments (and Gina’s, which agreed with his) and will submit the partial this week. I plan to re-do the podcast based on the changes when I take my vacation time next week.

As an aside, I’ve had a great experience with Facebook so far and will see if I can link my blog to that site. If not, I’ll probably post something there every time I post something here so that they stay connected.

Happy holidays!

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