47North contract signed!

Today I signed a publishing contract with 47North. They have acquired the rights to the Muirwood trilogy, which they will re-publish in January with new covers and better editing in print, e-book, and audio formats. The current version will remain on Amazon until they publish the new, but once they do, there will no longer be any versions sold of the original. They have also taken on my new series and will be publishing the first book of that trilogy in February. I’m thrilled to be part of the 47North family. We’re at the crossroads of great changes in the publishing industry. I couldn’t be happier to be part of it.

Also newsworthy is I finished book 1 of my new series last week. Now I’m under contract to continue writing one book a year, but it is a pace I’ve been able to keep for some time. I’ve already started on book 2 and will finish up editing book 1 this month.

Thanks to all the readers and reviewers of Muirwood who have made this possible. All those positive words and reviews written have kept a steady stream of new readers coming. I love getting e-mails and tweets from those who have finished the series as well. It really means a lot – so thank you!

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