10 Years of Muirwood

Ten years ago this week, 47North released The Legends of Muirwood as a trilogy all on the same day. That’s not a typical thing for a publishing company to do. It wasn’t a typical thing for me to do either when I self-published the trilogy all at once myself. I could not have foreseen then how many people would come to love this world, nor did I imagine I’d still be publishing in it this year. I’m grateful for the partnership with 47North these many years and for the worlds we’ve been able to bring you.

To celebrate this special anniversary, I’ve written a novella set in the era of Legends. It’s the story of Elle Demont. As I wrote it, I realized it could easily grow bigger than a single novella, but I’m happy with how it turned out and I hope you will be as well. It’s called In the Twilight Kingdom: a Legends of Muirwood Tale.

It was also ten years ago that I listened to Kate narrate Muirwood for the first time, thus beginning an epic partnership that has spanned dozens of books. Kate is an awesome person and has been a wonderful partner for these many years. So, I also asked if she’d narrate this novella as well. She agreed.

To commemorate this moment, I am making the e-book and audio version *free* to all my fans until the end of March. After that, I will be putting both versions to buy on Amazon where you’ll be able to purchase it (or it will also be free with Kindle Unlimited). In order to get your copy, all you need to do is sign up for my newsletter here and the instructions and links will be e-mailed to you. I obviously don’t know every fan or reader of my books, so please help me spread the word about the freebie before time runs out.

I hope you enjoy stepping back into this world again and hearing some familiar voices.

Happy Anniversary Lia!


Pre-order page: https://amzn.to/3XBujyg

In the Twilight Kingdom: A Legends of Muirwood Tale - Jeff Wheeler

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