Like many of you, I hate having to wait a long time in between books from a series that I want to read. So how cool is it that the cover art is done for Book 6 of the Kingfountain series.

I guess you can say that the plot heats up! (pun intended).

I’m also thrilled to announce my new author website. It’s a project I’ve been heavily involved in for months and hope you like it. I’ve developed content to help readers understand the different worlds, including a glossary and pronunciation guide. Also you’ll find my advice to new writers in the Writing Craft section. There are many fun things to explore. Try it out:

I would also like to announce what my next book will be following The Forsaken Throne. After finishing the series, I still felt that there was one more book inside me. For a while, I’ve been working secretly on another stand-alone Kingfountain book about Ankarette. I liked writing about her in The Maid’s War but that story doesn’t tell how she came to be. Many of you know that I was inspired by some historical sources during my history program. So, I’ve just finished writing her origin story. It will come out early 2018. I’ll post more news about it later on, but after having written it, I love it and think you will too.

More adventures to come! I’m in talks with my publisher right now about my next big series. Stay tuned for an announcement about it in the months ahead!


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